What is SaaS (software-as-a-service)?


Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has been steadily rising across businesses increasingly over the past few years, but what does it mean?

SaaS is a form of delivering applications via the internet, otherwise known as cloud software.

Much like accessing Hotmail and logging-into your favourite social networking site, SaaS is playing an increasing instrumental role across businesses. As we demand for flexibility and scalability, technology has adapted to deliver.

What are the benefits of moving your property software to the cloud?

In today’s industry, our need to access information instantly is essential. For businesses, and certainly property professionals, this remains increasingly true.

The benefits of moving your software to the cloud, and enjoying SaaS include:

  • Full flexibility with access to your estate agency software wherever you are
  • Use of the latest in property software, with the newest features and updated, removing the need to consistently update your software
  • Scalability: grow your business with innovative software that is built to support your agency whatever its size
  • Reliable software with unbeatable up-time
  • High-level security from industry-leaders

How can Property Software Group support your agency?

With two of the UK’s leading cloud-based estate agency software products under its umbrella, Property Software Group together with ZPG are leading the way in SaaS.

Alto and Jupix have together revolutionised the property industry. Built by experts in software development, with expert industry knowledge and agency know-how.

With partnerships with progressive technology including MoveIT and My Property File, agents can do even more with the software support from Alto or Jupix.

We’re more than the largest SaaS supplier in the property industry, we can help agents increase consumer engagement, grow agency branches, save essential time and administration, and boost bottom-line profits.

To find-out more, contact Property Software Group today 08000 75 87 49 or email info@propertysoftwaregroup.com.